stormxpadme tagged me requesting to see what my bedroom looks like.  But since I’m living away from home due to work for another couple of week, y’all are stuck with a pic of my rented room.  Which is actually quite pretty and comfortable.  My bedroom back in London is much more mismatched and nerdy.

Personal update: I’m now nearly at the end of week six working on my first movie.  The lead (who shall remain nameless) has a fairly passionate fanbase and it’s been interesting seeing how fans behave from this perspective.

And even if I’m not in the dude’s fan legions, I will say this; on those occasional moments I’m on set and see him, I try to appreciate it on behalf of the fans that would donate their left ovary to be in my place.


B-Team: For Those Who Mourn Chapter One

“It just can’t be….” Jane walks into the center of the circle, holds out her hand until the familiar weight of Mjolnir has joined to her. “Thor said, no, he yelled,” and if she just does the same, nothing will happen, right? They can all laugh and continue on their day.

It’s late afternoon, and the clouds aren’t even heavy, but it’s like she can feel a storm coming in the thudding of her heart, as she stands her ground, plants her feet into the intricate patterns, and raises her voice loud enough for the desert to hear. “Heimdall, open the Bifrost!”

Hold on to your feels, folks, you’re gonna need them.

cover art by @puffabilly.

If you have not yet read this story (because heaven knows my current work schedule doesn’t allow recreational reading) - go read it now.  It’s up to chapter 3 and is brilliant.

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Anonymous asked: You're an extremely talented artist that could represent anything. Why do you choose to depict celebrities and iconic figures? I believe your artwork could have so much more merit and can contribute much more to society then just entertainment. You even have your symbol as the golden spiral, which I find rather smug for an artist who creates "fan art". I don't intend to offend, it just greatly bothers me to see such a talented artist create advertisement and I would like to know why.


Oh boy.

"Smug" is arbitrarily thinking that one entire genre of art is less than another. 

"Smug" is anonymous back-handed compliments that insult an entire group of artists while trying to police what I choose to make.

"Smug" is thinking that you bestow merit to art and decide its value or contribution to society — or that it needs to do that to begin with.

"Smug" is believing that advertisements are something that automatically lessens art when some of the best painters and works throughout art history, from Leonardo to Caravaggio to Rockwell and Leyendecker have worked in advertising for clients (churches included).

"Smug" is looking at my portfolio of hundreds of paintings over 3 years that cover dozens of genres, styles, subject matters, clients, and sits everywhere from the internet, to billboards, album covers, magazine covers, galleries, newspapers, movie posters, bus-sides, books, homes of friends, strangers, and celebrities, and still choosing to think that I am one thing — a thing that is just as valuable to me as everything I’m paid for professionally.

"Smug" is being a smug dicklet and throwing in “I don’t tend to offend” to cushion the smug dickletishness of it all.

"Smug" is not seeing a simplistic connection between realism in painting and the golden rule that is genre-irrelevant, but again insulting an entire group of artists while commenting on something you haven’t bothered to understand. 

But most of all, “Smug” is thinking that I, or any artist, owes you anything. We can make whatever we want, however we want to. I will keep making advertisements, I will keep making album covers, I will keep making posters for games and movies, I will keep making all that I’m hired to do and choose to take on, but I will also keep making fan art because despite the merit or value that you’ve decided it has — I want to — and that’s all the reason I need.

Take your soggy waffle compliments and fuck the fuck off. Viva la fan art.

Viva la fan art.

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Guilt is doing a mass unfollowing.

Going to make a PSA now.  And I hate sounding bitchy about tagging, but I’ve now had two scenes appear on my dash without appropriate tags for TS to pick up.

If you do not tag your Winter Soldier footage, I will be unfollowing until I’ve seen the movie.  No exceptions.

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I love how jewellery makers have seen the potential profit value in having arrow necklaces in their current retail lines.

Take note Marvel: fangirls have money and will spend it *cough*BlackWidowMovie*cough*

One of the hardest parts of picking up a WIP you’ve let slide for *cough* several *cough* months is having to re-read it to remember where you’re up to.  Does anyone enjoy reading through their own fics again?

"Captain Marvel - A Trailer"

When S.H.I.E.L.D. officer Carol Danvers intercepts a rogue spaceship, she meets an alien soldier named Mar-Vell and begins turning into something not quite human herself.

Katee Sackhoff as Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel